Condo Program in Review

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Remember Your Last Vacation?

There you were with your spouse, your 2.3 kids, crammed in a hotel room with two double beds, a single un-vented bathroom and a broken TV. Boy, that was fun, wasn’t it? Average room rate…over $100 per night now. And, it got even better when you went out to eat. If you were able to feed all of you for under $150 a day you were lucky....Read More

Talk About Timeshare

These days almost everyone either owns a timeshare, has been to a timeshare tour or knows someone who owns a timeshare. It’s a popular way to travel; seriously, who wouldn’t rather stay in a big, comfortable condo rather than a small hotel room?
Fact is, timeshare condos are great for vacationing...Read More

Why Stay In Condos?

If you have never stayed in a resort condo you really owe it to yourself to give it a try. Following are some of the most common concerns and questions people have about renting a condo for their next vacation.
Condos cost lots more than hotels.... False. .... Read More

Why Condo?

If you were offered a 1-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, living room, dining area and separate bedroom all for the same price of a hotel room, would you pass it up? ...Read More

A World Of Vacations

By now just bout everyone either owns a timeshare, knows someone who does or has at the least been to a timeshare presentation. Lets face it, timeshare resorts are very nice, full of amenities and who wouldn’t want to stay in a beautiful condo on vacation? Problem is, timeshares are not cheap...Read More

SSR&C Travel Program Recap

By now many of you have taken advantage of the website and the variety of services it offers. Some of you may be new to the program or perhaps have simply not had the time to utilize it yet. Let’s recap some of the benefits for you....Read More